The magic of travelling with a loved one is an experience that money cannot buy, but which can always be improved if it takes place in dreamlike surroundings. This is our mission at Sirenis Hotels & Resorts: making every stay as a couple an unforgettable memory for both for the rest of their lives.

The destinations themselves are an incredible backdrop for giving free rein to love: idyllic beaches of the Mexican Caribbean in Riviera Maya, the crystal clear waters and deserted beaches of Punta Cana, the undiscovered charm of the small, romantic towns of San Andrés, or simply the Mediterranean warmth with which visitors to the island of Ibiza are received. All of these elements are sufficient for making a romantic trip perfect, along with being in love. Sirenis Hotels & Resorts are the essential ingredient that will make a stay in these locations unique, with all kinds of conveniences and all treats that one may desire.

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Romantic dinners under the stars at top quality restaurants, lush gardens for taking long walks hand in hand, exquisitely decorated rooms for finding the intimacy necessary for all couples, or simply having a massage for two at the spa of the hotel are some of the services that we offer couples in love. At Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, we also ensure that beyond the facilities, the happy couples can create unforgettable memories, helping them to find the most romantic areas of the Sirenis destinations, such as deserted beaches and the most romantic excursions that can be made nearby.

All destinations are ideal for enjoying an unforgettable honeymoon or a simple trip as a couple. One of the most recommended destinations for a romantic escape is San Andrés, a fantastic place to discover where we can find the Grand Sirenis San Andrés hotel, which has all the necessary facilities for having a unique holiday as a couple. The hotels of Ibiza may be a great destination for any couple or group of friends, as the facilities are designed for the relaxation of guests, and the tourist area where they are located has a wide range of leisure activities for satisfying all expectations of the trip.

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